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A Bit About Me

Commuters Positivity

Dear Commuter,

We don’t know each other! Nonetheless, I have more in common with you than you might think. As a daily commuter that seeks the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, I sit here on this train, on my way to work, and decide to write you this letter.
Currently, we live in a fast-paced world where words like, empower, productivity, leadership, took over, and seem to be tracing their own path in this modern society. In such a competitive environment, commuting times have been on the rise in order to reach new individual milestones and opportunities. We seem to be running constantly, against time! In addition, with the amount of daily decisions and choices that we come across daily at times, I personally feel lost. Work-life balance is being tested and with so many options we end up running against time, trying to reach our own goals and feel frustrated when we don’t conquer them

Let me tell you a bit about myself. Commute was introduced in my life very early, yet it was when I arrived in London in 2016 that this meaningful commuting time started to rise from the ashes, and it became obvious that this time needed to be fulfilled with meaningful actions to improve my lifestyle. I work part-time in 3 different sites, central London, outskirts of London and every other week, I work 2 consecutive days 3 hours from London. Commuting is a big part of my life; my daily commute is on average 1h and forty minutes. So, what should I do with that time? First of all, I love all the different commuters I come across, sometimes I find myself wondering about their life stories, what makes them tick, their aspirations and dreams, what are they listening to or reading that escapes in a smile or a frown…

This is the reason I am writing to you. My main goal with this website is to give you the tools to feel motivated and save time searching for an ocean of options concerning your daily commute. I will try my best to give you the answers to your questions … Please feel free to suggest topics and participate as much as possible making this a positive experience for all.

Let’s try and make it meaningful!

My warmest regards,

London, 15.12.2019

Commuters Positivity
Commuters Positivity

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