The best thing about Mondays? The Commute.


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Commuting times are on the rise either by bus, car, train, bike, walking or even on an aeroplane, commuters are investing their precious time and wellbeing on this journey.

Sometimes, commuting can be quite challenging. Leading to the feeling that this journey is a waste of time. But let’s just take a step back and take a deep breath, wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of these minutes and increase the value and productivity of people?

So, as you commit to commuting, commit to excellence and help us help you succeed!

Don’t waste time, own it.



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December 2021

The Power of The Podcast – Listen To A Podcast During Your Commute

If there are things you can improve during your commute is the opportunity to learn. To engage with creative content and experience something new. Either you want to learn a new skill, improve yourself, lift your spirits with a good laugh, feel inspired, excited or even motivated. The power of a good podcast can help you tick all those boxes and you can really become addicted to this new experience if you are not already a big fan of podcasts.

October 2021

Commute and Mental Health

In this forever changing world it is clear that both commuting trends and working patterns post-covid are evolving. But are they adapting to the needs of the commuter? How does your commute impact your mental health? How you can improve your commute?

September 2021

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.



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