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Public Transport Commute

The Passive Commuter

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Mode of Commute - Public Transport


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Commute by public transport is a global trend that encompasses using public transports (bus, underground, light rail, trains, underground or metro) to or from work. It is clear by now that commuting times are on the rise and that active commute although considered a healthy option combined with a green route it is not the most common mode of commute.

In this space, we will give you the tools that will enhance your public transport commutie experience. Scroll down to check the latest posts.

There are 3 important steps that you will need to follow:

  • Plan your route

  • Gear up

  • Enjoy the commute

Commit to your Commute

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If you want to join the group of commuting by public transports there are aspects that you will need to consider. Although, it is clear that to adapt to this mode of commute there is a need to have available a wide range of reliable options to ensure a smooth commute. Studies have shown the physical, mental,  and economic impact of a long commute. There are obvious and controllable obstacles that you will need to consider to be able to enjoy your daily commute. Here are some questions to see if you are well prepared:

  • Is your commute route realistic, how long will it take you?

  • Is there an alternative option if public transport is delayed or cancelled?

  • How about some company? Music or podcasts?

63 min – Average commuting times by rail in GB
38 min – Average commuting times by bus in GB
50 min – Average commuting times by light rail in GB

Focus and See the Results

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In the end, it all comes down to preparation. If you have decided that your commute journey requires you to use public transports, make sure you are well prepared. If you want to get from point A to point B as effectively and safely as you can the key word is prepare, prepare and prepare even more. Anticipate any challenges from, traffic, delays, cancellations, etc. In the end, what it takes, is the commitment to your goals and eventually, you will turn these milestones into a habit. Progressively built and start enjoying your commute and be grateful for the results you so rightfully earned.

Let me know how you are doing…

Yours and only,


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The Power of The Podcast – Listen To A Podcast During Your Commute

December 2nd, 2021|General|

If there are things you can improve during your commute is the opportunity to learn. To engage with creative content and experience something new. Either you want to learn a new skill, improve yourself, lift your spirits with a good laugh, feel inspired, excited or even motivated. The power of a good podcast can help you tick all those boxes and you can really become addicted to this new experience if you are not already a big fan of podcasts.

Student Commuter – Where the Magic Happens

September 21st, 2021|General|

There was always a tendency to compare the student that commutes to the "traditional student" living on campus. Nowadays with modern technology and the long-lasting changes in our society, we need to look at the student commuter experience independently and understand how this travel behaviour impacts the student and how it can be improved.

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