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Bicycle Commute

The Active Commuter

Commuters Positivity
bicycle commuting


Commuters Positivity

Bicycle commute is a global trend that encompasses cycling to or from work. It is clear by now that commuting times are on the rise and that active commute is considered a healthy option combined with a green route.

In this space, we will give you the tools that will enhance your cycle commuting experience. Scroll down to check the latest posts.

There are 3 important steps that you will need to follow:

  • Plan your route

  • Gear up

  • Enjoy the commute

Commit to Cycle Commuting

Commuters Positivity

If you really want to join the group of commuting by bike there are aspects that you will need to consider. Although studies have showed the physical, mental  and economic benefits there are obstacles that you will need to consider to be able to enjoy your daily commute. Here are some questions to see if you are well prepared:

  • Is your commute route realistic, how long will it take you? Is it a safe route?

  • Is your gear light and bicycle commuter friendly?

  • If you are cycling to work, were will you shower? Will you need a change of clothes? Where will you safely store your “companion”?

  • How about some company? Music or podcasts?

42.8% – Increase of bicycle commuters since 2017
9 miles – Average commute distance
11-18 mph – Bike Commuters Pace

Focus and See the Results

Commuters Positivity

In the end, it all comes down to preparation. If you are just starting, take it into small consistent steps. Set measurable goals, for example: “I want to cycle 4 days a week to work”. Break that goal into milestones, example: “I will start cycling just 2 days a week or cycle just part of my commute route”. What it really takes, is the commitment to your goals and eventually, you will turn these milestones into a habit. Progressively built and start enjoying your commute and be grateful for the results you so rightfully earned.

Let me know how you are doing…

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Commuters Positivity
Commuters Positivity

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